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The Stewart Falls Cheerleaders

Book One
Throw Away Teen
Fifteen-year-old B.J. Larson grew up in foster care, bouncing from home to home since she was a toddler. Now B.J. moves from the youth group home, where her status lies in a lengthy arrest record, to a new placement with an older couple, Liz and Ted Driscoll. When she arrives at their home in the small town of Stewart Falls, B.J. meets the vice-president of their dog 4-H club, Ringo Taylor. She knows better than to reveal her attraction to him. She’s just passing through and no matter how good this new life seems, she will soon be on her way back to the group home in Seattle.
Professional Reviews:

This is the story of B.J Larson who is a ward of the state and who is possibly being adopted by Liz and Ted.  B.J hasn’t had affection, she has acted out to get out of bad foster homes. She has been beaten down. B.J doesn’t know what it is to be loved and to love herself. In this story you will watch as B.J overcomes her fears, finds love and the best of all, learns to love herself.
First of Wow. What an emotional story. What an amazing Debut by Shannon Kennedy. If all of her future releases are this amazing, well she is going places. The best part of the story is I felt B.J's emotions, her turmoil. When an author is able to make you feel so strongly about something, I say that’s a sign of a great author. 


Shannon Kennedy’s book "Throw Away Teen" is very well written and insightful. Although "Throw Away Teen" is fictional, Shannon Kennedy’s background and knowledge of the foster care system seems to be depicted well and appears to be very realistic. I was inspired by the many different facets of her character and grew to love them. B.J., Bertha Juniper, is just one of the characters that I really liked and identified with. The pain, hurt and loss that B.J. had to endure seemed real.


The Stewart Falls Cheerleaders -
Book Two
"Because sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader!"
Asking For It

 Fifteen-year-old Sarah Flynn seems to have it all when she makes the varsity cheer squad at her high school and begins to date Jason Phillips, the football captain, but things aren’t as perfect as they look.  No matter how hard she tries, she can’t please Jason.  When she disagrees with him, it grows harder and harder to explain her constant injuries. Will she even survive to Homecoming?



A Touch of Winter

Holiday Short Story Collection

"Home for Christmas"

Stewart Falls, Washington is where Nikki Tiernan longs to go. She's tired of being bounced around her dad's family since he's remarried and her mom is still overseas with the U.S. Army. All Nikki has to do is buy a bus ticket - or so she thinks. But when a mysterious stranger claimst the seat next to her, Nikki begins to fear her adventure may not go as planned.

The Stewart Falls Cheerleaders -
Book Three
Because I'm Brown

Fifteen-year-old Rita Fernandez feels overwhelmed by all the problems that face her.  Her traditional father doesn’t want her to date until after her quinceneara which her mother continually reschedules. The boy that Rita adores still sees her as the troublesome girl next door, a younger sister, not a romantic interest.  Her grades continue to drop and a low g.p.a jeopardizes her status as a Stewart Falls cheerleader.

The Stewart Falls Cheerleaders 
Book Four
Hangover Holidays

Seventeen-year-old, Darcy Gallatin hates the Christmas holidays because her alcoholic father always ruins them for the whole family. But this year, Darcy is determined to make the season special for her ten-year-old brother, regardless of how hard her father tries to sabotage it. Disaster strikes when her dad injures Darcy’s horse, Whisky. Can Darcy ever forgive her father, or has he finally crossed the line and made her hate him? Even Darcy doesn’t know for sure, but one thing is certain—she needs to change things. And fast. But, how?

The Stewart Falls Cheerleaders 
Book Five
Four O'Clock, Montana Time

Fourteen-year-old, Samantha Tiernan-Bradley and her soldier father always thought of each other at four o’clock, Montana time, regardless of where the US Army assigned him. But when they sent him to Afghanistan, he came back in a flag-draped coffin. It’s always been just the two of them. Without him, Samantha feels all alone. Now, it’s four o’clock, Montana time, and she’s thinking about Dad. Is he thinking about her?

Then she discovers her mother is alive and coming to take Samantha away from her grandparents and a future in the fundamentalist, polygamous community that she and her father considered to be their “real” State-side home. Since she’s soon to graduate from eighth grade, Dad’s plans for her had included a promise ceremony and an arranged marriage, but Mom’s arrival changes everything. 

Samantha’s had adventures before, but nothing prepares her for Stewart Falls, Washington, with her mother, veterinarian, Dr. Cathy Tiernan. Academics for girls, movies, cell phones, computers, clothes, jewelry, cheerleaders and boys too—just the whole culture…shock! What would Dad think? How is Samantha
going to cope with all this? And what will she do at four o’clock, Montana time?

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The Shamrock Stable Series
Book One 

 No Horse Wanted

The only thing that Robin Gibson wants for her sixteenth birthday is a 1968 Presidential Blue Mustang. Following their family tradition, what her parents promise her is a horse of her own, one with four legs, not four wheels. Mom competes in endurance riding, Dad does calf roping, her older brother games and her older sister loves three-day eventing, but Robin proudly says that she doesn’t do horses. She’ll teach her controlling family a lesson by bringing home the worst horse she can find, a starved, abused two-year-old named Twazeim.

Robin figures she’ll nurse him back to health, sell him and have the money for her car. Rescuing and rehabilitating the Morab gelding might be a bigger challenge than what she planned. He comes between her and her family. He upsets her friends when she looks after his needs first. Is he just an investment or is he part of her future? And if she lets him into her heart will she win or will she lose?

The Shamrock Stable Series ~

Book Two

 No Time For Horses

Sixteen-year-old Vicky Miller feels overloaded since her parents filed for divorce. Her mother got the house and a new job. Her step-dad has the new car and a new girlfriend. Vicky has the five kids, her younger half-brothers and sisters who range from 18 months to 10 years old to look after and her own life now comes second to their needs and wants.

It’s been six months of house-cleaning, baby-sitting, cooking, non-stop laundry and Vicky is through waiting for her life to improve. She has plans for her sophomore year at Lincoln High and they don’t include being an unpaid servant. If it takes a constant battle to attend her riding classes and complete her internship at Shamrock Stable, she’s ready to fight for her goal to be the best natural horse trainer around.
 Her parents may not have time for her to be with horses, but she has dreams no one can steal. Why should she give them away? But will keeping them mean she loses her family?


The Shamrock Stable Series ~

A Holiday Novella

Deck the Stalls

All Sierra McElroy wants for Christmas is a guarantee that the beloved horses who live at Shamrock Stable will be home for the holidays. Watering, feeding and mucking are part of her daily responsibilities and she’s good with that. However, when her mother decides they can’t keep every horse in the barn and should sell a few to some of their lesson students, Sierra definitely has issues.


Family shouldn’t be for sale, especially when the would-be buyers won’t take care of her four-legged kin appropriately.  She needs to come up with a plan to keep everyone home where they belong.  A stall-decorating contest may prove to be the answer until an unexpected snow storm shuts down the barn.


Now, what can she do to save her friends and Christmas for her two-legged family too?

The Shamrock Stable Series ~
Book Three

Nothing But Horses

If the going gets tough, wanta-be cowboys exit stage left, according to Sierra McElroy.  Before her life was nothing but horses. Now, Sierra has a new car (new to her), a new puppy, a new school, a new coach, and a new basketball team. However, she's brought her same old patterns into this new life.

She still doesn't have any patience for stupid people who are a waste of time, space and oxygen. In order to take over Shamrock Stable someday, Sierra needs to learn how to deal with the same people who make her crazy.
Why does it have to be so difficult?

The Shamrock Stable Series ~
Book Four

No Horse Left Behind

Champion show rider, Dani Wilkerson loves her Quarter Horse mare, Lady and wants to ride Western or ‘cowgirl’ style with her friends at Shamrock Stable. However, her glory-seeking parents have other plans for Dani that include three-day eventing and an eventual career in Olympic competition. They think all her riding activities should support this goal. While she wishes they understood her need to express her individuality, she also hates to disappoint them.

Then she discovers their plans to enroll her in an elite boarding school, sell Lady, and buy her an award-winning, event horse. Stunned by the betrayal, Dani knows she must stop them somehow. She isn’t a mere extension of their egos. When she fights back, she learns just how far they will go to achieve their ends, but how can she possibly defeat them?

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